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Air Cleaning Process

Professional Duct Cleaners of Michigan has a very precise process for cleaning air ducts. Below are the steps that our technicians will take to effectively clean your air ducts.

  • When PDC of Michigan arrives at your doorstep, we arrive with state-of-the-art equipment including a power vacuum truck with filters on top that traps all debris and deposits it into our truck.
  • Next, to protect your floors and carpeting, we remove our shoes or cover them with booties.
  • The technician does a walk-through with the homeowner to access the layout and answer questions. PDC runs the heating or cooling system through a cycle to verify that it is operational.
  • The technician determines the air duct layout and evaluates accessibility. Access to duct work, such as removable ceiling tiles or other access points, may be needed. Protective coverings are placed on the floor area where the vacuum hose will be routed. The vacuum hose is run from the truck to the furnace area.
  • The technician creates a circular access hole into the duct supply and return mains. The vacuum hose is attached the whole time during cleaning. The truck is started and the vacuum creates a negative pull and flow of air throughout the side of the system being cleaned.
  • The technician then goes throughout the home and uses a special air nozzle with 250 psi of compressed air to flush dust and debris toward the main truck, creating a continuous negative pressure. All supply registers, as well as the floor boot, are cleaned and sanitized. All registers are covered with tape to prevent a blowback and loss of suction. Agitation tools such as whips, air snakes and a power-driven rotary brush are used to break and loosen contaminants from surfaces within the system.
  • The furnace blower assembly is then cleaned and sanitized. If the system has an air conditioner, the coil is accessed and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
    All access openings are sealed. The system is reassembled and run through a operational cycle. If the customer has a new filter, then this will be installed. All equipment is removed from the home and placed on the truck. The owner and/or technicians do a final walk-through with you.

Important Information:

  • The truck pulls 16,000 CFM (cubic feed per minute)
  • 250 psi on-board air compressor
  • Custom cleaning tools that are designed specifically to clean interiors of actual duct
  • Less money for a cleaning usually equates to lower-quality equipment

A cleaning done under this process is said to last up to four to five years if there is no construction done in the home.

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